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Financial Planning for Foreign Service & Civil Service
U.S. Government Employees.

Why Partner with Layered Financial?

Being a federal employee is unique.

Your financial plan should be too.

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Why partner

Flat Fee / Fee-Only
No commissions, asset based fees, or product sales.

No affiliation with insurance companies, banks, or brokerages.

We don't offer investment management. We don't touch your money.

Legally required to act in your best interest.

Investments, tax efficiency, risk management, retirement planning, & more.

Actionable & Easy-to-Understand
Your one-page plan and detailed report will contain clear action items.

No Linking Accounts or Technical Hoops
Don't want to deal with linking all those accounts? No problem.

No Financial Planning Software For You to Learn
Your life is already busy enough.

Work with Someone Who Gets It
I'm a fellow public sector employee. I understand the unique variables that come with our careers.

Learn more about services & pricing, the planning process,

and who you'll work with.

Ideal Client

Ideal Client

Public sector / U.S. Government employee.​

Wants to be more purposeful with their investing and overall wealth building.

Seeks a simple, actionable financial plan without handing over their money for someone else to manage.


​​This is non-negotiable. I want us both to enjoy the process and look forward to speaking with each other.

Simple Wealth/Money Philosophy

More details here.

Are We a Match?

If this sounds like you, let's have a conversation.
No sales pitch, no credit card information, no email subscription sign-up.
This is just to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

But Wait!

Before you reach out...

If you think we're a match, click here to reach out.

Here are some reasons why I might not be the best match for you. Plus some resources to find the right financial planner that suits your needs.

People First.

People First

Fiduciary Standard

I am required by law to place your interests above my own.


The SEC says that a fiduciary has a fundamental obligation to act in the best interests of their clients and to provide investment advice in the clients’ best interests. Registered Investment Advisors owe their clients a duty of undivided loyalty and utmost good faith. 

No Custody or Discretion

Under no circumstances will I take custody of your investments or place trades (buy/sell) for you – it’s not an option.

Some financial advisors will only work with you if you give them control over your investments. Instead, I’d rather empower you to control your own finances.

No Minimums

Everybody has to start somewhere.

Asset minimums to work with a financial advisor never made sense to me. Regardless of how much money you have, you deserve a plan and financial success. Some advisors require that you have a minimum amount of money/assets to work with them. I do not.

No Products - Advice Only

I don’t sell any investment or insurance products. No product sales, no commissions, no product-based fees, and no referral fees from third parties.

You pay for objective advice and guidance, not influenced by outside products.

No Subscription Pricing

We’ll come up with a plan that doesn't require constant tweaking or monthly attention.

I suggest a check-up at least annually to make sure the plan is still appropriate. If life happens and you need guidance before your annual check-up, I'd love to help!

Transparent Flat-Fee

I charge transparent flat fees, which you’ll always know up-front. I don’t charge based on how much money you have (known as "Assets Under Management"/AUM).
Current fees are listed here.
Visit the Fee Transparency page.

I Want You to Succeed.
Even if that doesn't involve me.

I'm committed to your success without attaching myself to that outcome.

If you're not ready to work together, that's okay.

In the meantime, here are some articles that may be helpful.

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