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Working Together

This can be overwhelming with some advisors. Repetitive questionnaires, financial planning software to learn, accounts to link...the onboarding process can be daunting. Each step in our process is designed to be efficient and reflect your actual needs. This does not involve you filling out multiple questionnaires, learning financial planning software, or linking your accounts.


Let's keep it simple.


The process includes one questionnaire, secure document uploading, and three video calls / meetings. The meetings take place, (1) at the beginning of our relationship, (2) after document upload is complete, and (3) when it's time to go over your plan. If you want to streamline the onboarding process and reduce forms being sent back and forth, we can complete the written financial planning agreement on the phone or in person depending on your location.

Check out each step of the process below.

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Step 1

"Are We a Match" Video Call

This no-cost introductory call is our chance to get to see if we're a good fit. We'll talk about you, where you are, where you want to go, and what I can help with.  I want to make sure that the service I provide aligns with what you need. Don't hesitate to come with questions for me. 


To get an initial overview, feel free to check out my wealth philosophy and the topics we'll cover with a comprehensive plan.

Steps Process

Step 2


If we decide to work together, we'll then review the financial planning agreement, our timeline, the cost, process, and services provided. The cost discussed is the cost - there are no surprises along the way. The agreement will be signed by both of us and half of the payment will be due at this stage. Payments can be securely made via ACH, credit card, or apple pay using Wave. You will not have to create a Wave account.


Step 3

Information Gathering

This is an extremely important step, but can be overwhelming. Don't stress! I'm here to help you along the way. During the information gathering process you'll be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire and upload documents (via secure link to Microsoft OneDrive) to help me create your plan. You will not need a Microsoft account to upload documents. Instead, I'll email you an upload link. You will not be required to link financial accounts or interact with financial planning software. Your privacy and personal information will always be protected throughout the process. See our Privacy Policy.

Step 4

The "More Than Math" Call

This is my opportunity to listen and really learn about you. There's only so much that I can learn through the questionnaire and financial documents you provide. This is our chance to have a real conversation about you, your family, personal values, goals, and concerns. During this call we'll also review the questionnaire you completed and discuss any lingering questions that you might have.

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Step 5

Building Your Plan

This one is all me. I'm going to take the data you provided, combined with the notes from our conversations, and build an actionable plan. The plan will include my recommendations, as well as some either/or options since the plan implementation is ultimately up to you. We'll focus on creating multiple paths to financial success, identifying opportunities, and building layers of protection.

Step 6

Plan Review

During the plan review call we'll start with a high-level overview using an Investment Policy Statement and the One-Page Plan. The One-Page Plan summarizes where you currently are, where you're on track to go, and what high-level actions you should take. We can also review specific topics in the detailed report. You'll leave this meeting with your Investment Policy Statement, your One-Page Plan, and the detailed report. The final/second payment is due at this point.

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Step 7


Roughly 30-60 days (this is flexible) after we conduct the plan review we can hop on a call and see how implementation of the plan is going. If you have questions, ran into obstacles, or need clarificaiton on action items, we can address those during this call. We can also discuss our plan going forward and talk about options for working together again in the future.

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