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Planning Services

Financial graphs, images, & charts
This is the best place to start for new clients.
Computer with graphs
This is for individual projects.
Calendar & pie chart
This is for returning clients.

Comprehensive Financial Plan

If this is our first time working together and you want a full analysis and action plan covering a wide variety of topics, this is the place to start.
With a plan tailored to you, you're going to get actionable tasks to continue down the path to financial success.
$1,500 Single
$2,500 Couple
What You Get:
One-Page Plan (high-level summary)
Detailed appendix for those who want to dive into the particulars of the One-Page Plan
Topics May Include
Goals & Values
Risk Tolerance &
Risk Capacity
Cash Flow Analysis



Net Worth
Investment Analysis & Strategy
Retirement Planning
Debt Management

Education Funding

Asset Location

Tax Strategy & Options
Risk Management
Employee Beneifts
How Do We Create a Plan Together?

Check out the process and see exactly how we'll work together.


Annual Review/Follow-Up

This is our chance to catch-up. This service is appropriate for those who have already received a full comprehensive financial plan. Layered Financial recommends a follow-up meeting/review of the full plan at least annually to ensure your values and goals are still aligned with the previously established plan. This service will not result in a full comprehensive financial plan. The financial planning agreement will outline the individual topics that will be covered.
Fee: $500 Single
        $800 Couple
Topics May Include
Updating Your One-Page Plan
Analyzing Asset Allocation & Asset Location
Investment Rebalancing Needs
Debt Payoff Progress 
Discussing Specific  Topics You Want to Cover.
How Do We Create a Plan Together?

Check out the process and see exactly how we'll work together.


Project Specific

This service is appropriate if you need assistance with individual topics. This is not a detailed financial review and will not result in a comprehensive financial plan. You may select individual topics from above, or come with different areas that you want to focus on. The individual topics will be outlined and agreed upon in the financial planning and consulting agreement. If you have a life event occur or just need a second opinion while making a financial decision, let's talk. If it's something that I can provide value with, we can work together on a project basis. If it's outside of my wheelhouse, I'll point you towards a better resource. 
Fee: Depends on the project
*No surprises. We'll discuss the fee before any commitment.
Federal Pension & TSP Analysis
What will your monthly paycheck look like when you retire?

Should you plan on getting a post-retirement job?

Will you receive the Retiree Annuity Supplement?
What if you postpone or defer your retirement?

Are you saving enough in your TSP? How should it be invested?
$900 per employee.
Project Specific Example
How Do We Create a Plan Together?

Check out the process and see exactly how we'll work together.

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